Fast Delivery
Our companies are strategically located in the main industrial city of San Pedro Sula, Honduras. Located only 60 km. From Port of Cortes, which is the largest deep-sea port in Central America; from which boats leave daily to many countries. By being in Central America it takes only a few days for a ship to arrive to any country in America !.
Our excellent programming and our state of the art equipment enable us to give one of the best turn arounds in the industry. We are very serious in all our dealings and we have the customers to prove it.
Versatility & Great Pricing
Very few companies in the world can claim to have the versatility that we have: in spinning we can make from a .30 to 50ne.; Weaving in a variety of processes and product types as well as the integration of these materials to finish product, making us completely vertical.

By combining versatility, state of the art equipment, and administrative discipline added to low cost labor resources gives us the perfect formula for a very low price. In our line of products Honduras has no quotas whatsoever with any country of the world and in many countries our products pay little or no import duties and its only going to get better due to the liberalization of free trade treaties with the countries.