Mop Tape
Being a fully vertical enterprise we manufacture for our mop yarn customers the mop tape for use with industrial mops, offering a great variety of weaving patterns, in ideal widths and colors for your business. Made from the finest texturized threads, our weaving pattern give you the necessary resistance for the heavy use the mops are going to be put through.

We make the mop tape for the tail bands (bottom part of the loop end mop) and the central mop tape (headbands), both presented in the “pancake” style or in bulk (in boxes). We also offer the service of cutting the bands to certain sizes.
Jacquard Woven Products
Unlike the usual printed mop tape, Jacquard Woven Mop Tape has your logo, or your clients logo woven directly into the band; therefore lasting the lifetime of the product. By using this as an option, it will give your product (whether towels, mops or tarps) a classier look and can also be used as a selling point. These woven fabrics are available in an array of colors. They are available in two sizes, 1/2" and 1 1/4" bands.
Sewing Thread for Mop Making
Our company offers the greatest variety of threads for mop manufacturing, we are NOT RESELLERS, we make the thread ourselves, this means we control all the steps to ensure the quality of our threads. Remember that we use our own threads, testing it on a daily basis. For mop manufacturing we recommend the use of polyester ring spun threads in 16/3, 12/3 amongst others.

A very important point is the price, we guarantee the quality of our threads and we guarantee you won’t find an equivalent price for this kind of product anywhere.
For more information please see our Sewing Thread section of the website..
Nylon Mesh Bands
Our Mesh headbands are the best choice for your wide band mesh mopheads. Mesh is preferred, due to its scouring ability, so that the mop operator can remove pesky debris from floors. This means that mesh should be resistant to abrasion/abuse.
The best nylon in the industry is utilized, woven and dyed , then heavily starched for easier handling in the sewing factory - all these points are very important… if not ask the operators and production personnel.
Woven Canvas for your dustmop backing
Narrow Polyester Fabrics or Natural Poly Cotton canvas
Whether you need our canvas for dustmops or for headbands, we have you covered!
Our white polyester canvas is available in perfect 13” rolls, this means that you save operations! (no hemming - zero waste !) - available in Ultra Rolls, that allow your staff to work non-stop!! your tufter or sewing equipment will be maximized with this product.