Without bacteria, mops last longer and won't produce sometimes the foul odor associated with mop rot. Antimicrobial yarns are perfect for Health Care, Food Service, etc. where cross contamination is possible and/or cleaning is done in public view.
Inhibits bacteria but, how long ?.

Antimicrobial treatment inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungi, mold and mildew in the mop yarn.

In the mop industry , many of our competitors apply a Spray on the antimicrobial agent, and claim they are therefore antimicrobial, however, after a couple of washes, this agent is gone, no longer being effective.

All our antimicrobial fibers that we blend on our yarns are CO-EXTRUDED in the yarn.

Our syster company Terra Polyester , imports world renown Nano Silver particles and pours these into the polyester fiber extrusion process, this means that the plastic is melted along the Nano silver, so it is bonded for life of the yarn.

This means that our antimicrobial properties last the life of the mopyarn itself even after repeated use and washings.

Our most popular yarns are Acrilex AM Blue, Acrilex AM Green and Rayon F AM white. However, we can blend our antimicrobial fiber with any of our yarns, for custom applications.