We are proud of the fact that our company has been a "Green company" for more than 20 years !! even before it was cool !!!

We are pleased to introduce GREENEST MOPS IN THE INDUSTRY.
It is certain that all of our yarns have recycled components blended, but what makes this particular line special is that they are 100% recycled.

This blended yarn made with our newly installed State of the art equipment, these products sells themselves due to its earth friendliness.

Made from 55% postconsumer waste and 45% postindustrial waste, free of dyes and chemicals, these yarns represent the ultimate earth friendly product, in a durable blend, that is launderable.

Available in optical white, Bottle green and light blue.

The new ECO+ YARN is here! !

This fully recycled cotton mopyarn is a low cost, highly absorbent mopyarn, designed to hide dirt from usage. Why buy a natural cotton mop when right after using it becomes gray ? buy a grey or grey/blue mop, and save !!

Available in Grey, Purple, and combined (purple grey)

various titles and put ups (cones, ball warps) available.

This product is 100% recycled and it is biodegradable.