New Products
Disposable Dust Mop ACRILEX® DLX
This new disposable dustmop is the best quality disposable in the world! featuring a thick Typar® backing with our famous Acrilex® (acrylic, synthetic, rayon blend) 4 ply yarn, allowing durability, hardly no linting and a great performance (greater attraction to dust). Available for 5” frames in a variety of lengths and styles (slip on, tie on) with your choice of Petrol or Non-petrol based treatment.
Plushy Limpion Woven Mop
Many countries or by regional customs prefer the use of a mop cloth instead of a mop head, which is folded in the form of a mop head and utilized as a regular mop. HIMESA has come up with the perfect solution for people that prefer this type of mop… Our Limpion mop cloth has been designed from the ground up to out perform regularly used, waste cloths. This mop is more absorbent than the ordinary waste cloth used by our competitors, due to the fact that we use actual mop yarn custom weaved in order to improve this mop’s performance and absorption.
Himesa has gone one step further to improve this already innovative product. We took our superb Limpion Mop Cloth and put it through a felping machine in order to open the fibers even more, increasing absorption and making it softer to touch; it is also the perfect solution for markets where towels or terry cloth are popular, effectively substituting it for a better product.
Bedding Cover Cloth
Our New Striped sheeting is the Perfect solution for low cost bed manufacturing companies competing against non-woven fabric and polypropylene jaquart fabric, not in price but in Quality and comfort for the end User. This product is available in 79” (200 cm) width in a multitude of colors.
Custom Canvas for Hatmaking
WE HAVE A SPECIAL LINE OF CANVAS DESIGNED SPECIALLY FOR HAT MANUFACTURING COMPANIES. This canvas is specially designed to withstand the forming process and it is specially formulated to take all chemicals and baths necessary in this trade. Available in regular rolls of 48” in width and in special mini rolls of 16”, which is exactly the width needed to make the hat ! no cutting necessary.