Versatility and options are very important in this market, HIMESA offers the widest range of all continued you will find the different choices available. For clarity sake, each option has a code, this code needs to be added to the end of each code of each product listed before.
Narrow Band Options
Quality control of our mop bands is absolute since we make them ourselves, this also enables us to make any change or any color needed depending on the requirement. We can provide any of our mops with the following options:
Please see Mop Coding Instructions in Tech Tips.
Specialized applications or special bidding sometimes require custom product like:
We could also provide wider than normal mop heads or any other custom requirement needed.
Wide Band Options
Wide band mop heads make mops more durable since they have more stitching. Other advantages exist to Wide Band headbands, like better griping. Easier color-coding and in general a better return on the investment. We offer a large variety of Wide Band headbands:
Standard Wide Band Colors / Size of Mop
The Industry has adopted certain colors of wide bands for determined sizes of mop heads as follows:
Mop Size
Extra Large
* Note: of course we can change any color you want to the headband, but the above is becoming industry standard; we also have other colors like: white, orange, fluorescent green, etc. By default if you do not specify color we assume it is white.
STITCHING OPTIONS: Although the norm in the industry is double lines of stitching (our standard pattern). We can provide also other options like our deluxe stitching pattern, we provide also backstitching for our standard pattern, and any other reinforcement you may need in the headband. Please see Mop Coding Instructions in Tech Tips.
Lay Flat Style:
This option is available to all our narrow band mops and utilize a screw on attachment that provides fast efficient change of mop heads. Available with our without middle retainment ring, also called no marr.
Standard Lay Flat Style
Includes: T-Bar, Grommet, Wire
Lay Flat No Marr
Includes: T-Bar, Grommet, No-wire
Lay Flat Economy
Includes: T-Bar only
Tail Band Options
Single Tail Band
All our normal loop end and fantail mops have a single tail band, we can move at what height from the bottom of the mop you want this band to be at. Made with our finest inch mop tape with double line of stitching- available the following ways: un-tacked for economy, tacked for extra durability, or SKIRTED for specialized markets and easier mopping. Please see Mop Coding Instructions in Tech Tips.
Double Tail Band
Only the elite mop companies offer this option called also double radio flared ends gives every loop end or fantail mop much more durability, which allows for numerous launderings.
Quick Connect Head
Great for the retail market and specially designed for small mops (10onz and less) this adapter that attaches to any of our mops offers the consumer a user friendly way to interchange mop sticks with any of our other products (uses acme thread) various styles available.
Industrial Quick Connect Heads
These specialized items are also available but as a custom order basis, we can manufacture or modify our machinery to any adapter in the world, just send us the adapters and we will assemble the mop with our yarn!
Scrub Pad
We can sew in many ways scrub pads either provided by you or by our company.These pads enable the user to remove nasty debris from floors.