Sewing thread is one of our highest volume items. Our spinning versatility allows a great variety of thread tittles covering a wide span of industries and usage’s. We have demonstrated by exporting worldwide the great acceptance that our products have had. Our variety, price and technical service makes us one of the best.
Polyspun Sewing Thread
Spun polyester threads are made by spinning together lengths of polyester staple into single bundles called plies. Two or more plies are then twisted together to produce a thread of the desired size. Many different finishes (such as silicone, and in-bath emulsion ) may be applied to spun polyester thread to enhance the sewing performance for specific applications.
Spun polyester threads provide superior strength and are resistant to sunlight and abrasion when compared to cotton threads of equal size. Spun polyester can be used on apparel as sheer as lingerie or as heavy as denim.
This high tenacity ring spun thread uses the best quality polyesters available producing tittles as coarse as Ne 16 all the way up to Ne 50 plied in a variety of tittles. We can provide customers either in the greige or finished to their specifications.
Among the tittles we manufacture are: Ne 50/2, 50/3, 40/2, 40/3, 30/2, 30/3, 21/3 and 17/3. Of course we can custom twist any amount of plies you may need. All our thread is Uster tested in every step of manufacturing, is air spliced and Uster Cleared for optimum quality. Our dyeing department is one of the largest in Latin America, computer controlled for dyeing consistency. Our main features:
Corespun Sewing Thread
Very few companies manufacture corespun, HIMESA has the latest technology to do so. Core threads are manufactured by spinning a polyester staple cover around a bundle of continuous filament polyester fibers. Two or more of these strands are then plied together to make a sewing thread.
The polyester core provides strength, and the fiber wrap gives core threads superior all-around performance. The thread lubricant is retained well by the surface fibers and results in exceptional sewing performance. Used in heavy-duty applications like work clothes, military specs, industrial sewing and some specialized weaving operations. All our corespun thread is poly wrapped. Among the titles we manufacture are: 18/2, 18/3, 28/2 and 28/3.
Texturized Threads
These threads are bundles of yarn (usually polyester) which have been bulked by one of several mechanical methods. Textured threads have a soft hand and good bulk when relaxed.
They are recommended for many chainstitch, overlock and serging operations, but are not recommended for lockstitch sewing. Available in 1 Lb. Bobbins standard in Tex 18.
Colors & Color Matching

You can choose from our large selection of standard colors, 3 full color charts to replete with the most popular colors dictated by fashion. We also carry custom color charts for famous brands from their usual repertoire (for example: GAP, Banana Republic,etc.)
Our computerized dyeing equipment allows close tone matching between one dye lot and another using of course top quality German dyes and chemicals. Another versatile advantage is the fact that we have a large variety of different size dyeing machines enabling the customer to order a size dye lot that convenient or close to the amount they require.