Technical Support
We offer to all our customers full support for all our products in the following venues:
Full Lab on Premises: we have the second most advanced laboratory in Latin America, enabling us to do a full battery of test on your current products, competitors products or whatever research needs to be done.
Complete Training: We can fully train your staff in every product item with enough technical, logistic and marketing evidence to support, compare and analyze our products versus the rest. We also provide real life applications of our products and the know how.
On-line Training and Support: Our web site provides a complete learning experience plus a detailed presentation of our products. We also offer our customers complete web support that includes : Local VoIp internet phone number, Training and product videos, assistance in bid projects, product design and development, marketing strategies, and numerous other services.

Marketing Support and Advertising Design
Ad Design and merchandising
We have on site, a full photo studio and desktop publishing department, thus allowing us to provide all necessary marketing materials for ad campaigns, printed bag designs, etc. If requested, we can either send you a computer disk of all required artwork (including photos) or we can e-mail them to you. Also, for a small fee we can proceed and do color separations, etc.
Exhibitor / Display Design
We can assist you in the design or direct you to where you can purchase different exhibitors and displays. We can also assist you in packaging ideas in order to improve end user friendliness.
Point of Purchase
We have generic printings available for retail sector designed in a way that you can put any value in the POP card; available for some of our products only.