If you follow the following steps in caring for your tarps, they will last much Longer!
  1. Wet your tarp before using it the first time
  2. Do Not use hooks or any other utensils to stretch the tarp
  3. Do not force the tarp over corners or sharp objects
  4. Avoid dragging the tarp over harsh surfaces
  5. Never store the tarp while being wet
  6. Place the tarp on a platform, avoid contact with the floor or wet walls
  7. Always use the tarp with the company logo facing the outside
  8. Avoid having the back side loose, tie it up
  9. Never have direct contact between the tarp and sugars,flours, etc.
  10. Remember, tarps get damaged by contact with corrosive products and acids
  11. Do Not wash the tarp, even if it looks dirty, this may damage it.