Q. Can I mix products in an order?
A. Of course you can, however as you know we custom make all product to your specification and the more products you want us to make the longer we would take to make it; because we have to change production lines, packaging styles, etc. Obviously if you only order on style and one size product per container our productivity increases and our delivery times shortens.
Q. How soon can you have orders ready?
A. It depends on several factors, mainly on the type of order, amount order and pending orders to be manufactured. We strive to export 15 days or less after you have placed your order but no longer than within the same month. Our average turn time is 14 days.
Q. I am in Europe, how long would it take to receive the shipment ?
A. Fortunately, boats depart weekly to several European ports and they go directly to Europe it takes approx. 22 days for arrival.
Q. I am in South America, how long would it take to receive the shipment ?
A. Usually boats have to go to Miami or to Jamaica before Tran boarding to South America, depending on the Tran boarding boat (might wait in port) it can take anywhere from 12 to 30 days.
Q. Can you custom manufacture deck mops with our own hardware?
A. Sure ! , as long as you send the hardware to us along with any additional equipment needed for manufacturing.
Q. Can you provide printed bags with your finished products?
A. We have pre-printed "generic" bags printed in English or Spanish available. However we can have bags custom printed to your requirement with no problems whatsoever.
Q. Would they be any minimums in printed bags?
A. Yes and No, Yes if you have us custom print bags for your order and NO if you send us the bags or use our "generic" printed bags.
Q. What would be the steps to get custom bags?
A. You send us the artwork or we can make it for you, we would then send you the invoice of our vendor for payment and if the price we quoted you includes the plastic bag we would then credit each invoice to your company the amount of bags used for the order.
Q. Can you barcode products?
A. Yes we can, you just need to send us your own UPC or EAN etc. numbering and we will print them for you. If you like we can use our own barcode numbers.
Q. Do you palletize?
A. Yes we can, however we are very involved in environmental protection, so we try not to encourage palletizing. There is a small additional fee for this service.
Q. I donít see a yarn title similar to what Iím using?
A. We probably make it or can make it for obvious reasons (to large of a web-site) we did not include everything we make. We can custom manufacture special yarns and titles, however there are usually minimums.
Q. Are your cones Cardboard or Plastic?
A. We use paper cones as much as we can, we also use plastic (recycled plastic) cones. We have a buy back policy on all our cones for reutilization.
Q. Do you sell wood sticks for mops and brooms?
A. No we don't. However we do distribute our plastic covered metal stick (acme thread) for our own products.
Q. Do you have QUOTAS?
A. Honduras has very few quotas, in our particular line of products there is NO QUOTAS whatsoever !
Q. I have never imported products, what am I going to go through?
A. It is easier than you think. We have English speaking staff to help you. We prepare all documentation required by your country. We send all documents by courier for immediate response. It is just a matter of hiring a broker and he will take care of documentation needed and of payment of duties if any, this broker will make it easy for you.
Q. What about duties or taxes ?
A. It varies from country to country, but is generally very low to non-existent. Please call or fax us and we will give you further instructions and information that may qualify for lower taxes than normal.
Q. Can I use another brand stick with these Refills?
A. Our standard acme thread is a world wide standard, although there may be slight differences amongst some stick manufacturers. For example some manufacturers prefer a conical or metric thread pattern and may not be compatible.
Q. I read that you sell mop frames and mop hardware only certain areas, why?
A. We sell mop hardware as a service to our customers that cannot source locally these items, we feel that we cannot compete in industrialized countries due to our high cost of these products.
Q. What are your channels of distribution?
A. We do not sell to the end user and we only sell full 20 or 40ft containers, if a company wants less than this we simply refer them to the nearest high volume distributor/dealer.
Q. What is the company policy regarding exclusivity?
A. Protected countries are usually not assigned however certain territorial boundaries can be arranged if the volume of purchasing is agreed upon.
Q. I buy other products in Honduras, can I consolidate an order?
A. We usually try not to because we loose control over handling since once we load in the container and this goes to another company there is no way to be able to tell if any product was removed or not. When it is absolutely necessary we can do it but we are not to be held responsible. You could always hire a verification company.