Caring for your mops
Most mops do not wear out through use, but through abuse. A few simple maintenance pointers will extend the life and improve the efficiency of your mops.
Wet Mops:
  1. Break-in new mop heads in warm, mild detergent solution for at-
  2. least twenty minutes.
  3. Avoid scrubbing with the top portion of mop. This tends to tear
  4. strands and shorten mop life.
  5. Avoid strong cleaning solutions (lye, bleach, caustics, etc.) They
  6. will break strands far more quickly.
  7. When mopping a rough surface, mop in a direction that
  8. minimizes snagging. If possible, reserve one particular mop for
  9. these surfaces.
  10. Cut off any loose strands to prevent snagging and splattering.
  11. Thoroughly rinse and wring out mops after each use.
  12. Store mops, strands hanging down, in a warm, dry, well-
  13. circulated area.
  14. Discard and replace worn out mop heads. Lost strands decrease
  15. mops ability to perform. If a mop is only 75% of its original
  16. weight, it will take 1/3 additional time to get the job done.
Dust Mops:
  1. Collect the dust mops at the end of each shift and shake out,
  2. vacuum or brush the mop completely to remove the larger
  3. particles from the mop. Re-treat as needed
  4. Soiled mop heads should be laundered. For laundering, place
  5. the mop head in a netted bag. Self Twist Loop End Dust mop Heads do not require bagging.
  6. Store mop heads in a dry clean area with the head up, not
  7. touching the wall or floor.
Treated dust mops have been proven twice as effective as untreated tools. Pre-treated mops offer convenience, labor savings and insure a properly treated product every time.

HIMESA can pre-treat Dust Mops to your order either petroleum based or water based. Non-petroleum based dust mop treatments give all the benefits of oil-based treatments without the environmental hazards. For correct on-site treating, use two ounces of treatment for every foot of dust mop. For retreating, use one ounce for every foot of dust mop. Before use, a minimum curing time of eight hours is recommended. When chemical treatment is not appropriate, choose a mop that picks up by static attraction making treatment unnecessary.